Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 11–1989

Cover – Nik Morton. This also featured the box: ‘An Ad lib magazine’; the plan was to amalgamate with another local short story magazine, Ad Lib, the brainchild of Portsmouth journalist Bob Jenkins; unfortunately, it died a death due to distribution problems. The little ‘Ad lib’ box didn’t appear again. The ‘South Hants’ label was dropped and it became the ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy Quarterly Magazine’ for two issues!
Interior illustrations by Kelvin Cox, Colin P Davies, John Light and Nik Morton.
(A5, stapled, 52pp, £1.20p)

Forever England – Dorothy Davies
Ghostbringer – David Vickery
The Librarian (poem) – JPV Stewart
The driver – Nick Daws
Decision at Delphi (poem) – Margaret Giacomini
Curfew watcher – D F Lewis
Life cycle – John Light
The lie-in – Andy Smith
Seal island (poem) – Bridget Brady
Pop’s babies – Colin P Davies
Changes – Dave W Hughes
The shapes of death – Graham Andrews
Works wonders – Nik Morton. (This vignette contained characters from a co-written fantasy quest novel and a version of this short short story appears in the novel Wings of the Overlord which had a publisher but sadly that deal folded.).

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