Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 13–1990

Cover – Kevin White. This also illustrated a story by Kevin Lyons. The Arts Theme issue. Dropped the label ‘Quarterly’; back to simply ‘Science Fiction & Fantasy Magazine’ for two issues…
Interior illustrations by Kevin White, Al Slammer, Dallas Goffin, Sydney Jordan, John Light and Nik Morton.
(A5, stapled, 72pp, £1.75p)

Tough & Go – Liz Honeywill
The real thing – Elliot Smith
Certificate 40 – D F Lewis
Death and the Maidens – Marise Morland
Blind – Andy Smith
Science fiction TV freak (poem) – Gary Legg
Spaceman blues – Ty Power (illo above)
Prima Donna – Marise Morland
Aria – Kevin Lyons
Chill factor (poem) – John Francis Haines
Thaw point (poem) – John Francis Haines
On the island – Andy SawyerIdentity (poem) – Dave W Hughes

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