Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 17–1993

Cover – wraparound – by Nik Morton to illustrate the story by P Andrew Miller.
Interior illustrations by Philip Rowlands, Sydney Jordan, Paul Cockburn, Kerry Earl, Nik Morton, Russell Morgan, Debs Dumbrell, Dallas Goffin and Marge Simon.
Crikey – typed on Amstrad PC386SX using Locoscript PC CG Times font 12pt 50% reduced! Printed by Gosport printer but some line artwork didn’t come out too well!
(A5, stapled, 76pp, £2)

Ancient Sunlight – Robert Webb (illo above right)
Window of light – Andy Parratt
On the bridge – Iain Layden
The crazy quilt – Andrew P Miller
Huitzilopochtli (poem) – L G Mason
Trenches – Steven J Blyth
A perfect equation (poem) – Steve Sneyd
Over the sky is out (poem) – Steve Sneyd
A pleasure multiplied – Stephen J Wood
The rocking horse – D F Lewis
The grave – Alan Garside
A letter to Cassia (poem) – Cathy Buburuz
Laura’s letters – Dorothy Davies
Pre-existence (poem) – Marise Morland
Slow worker – Andy Smith
Parcels – D F Lewis
Open wide to glory (poem) – Steve Sneyd
Early retirement – Dave Metcalfe
Consequences (poem) – Marise Morland
A share in the universe – Matthew Dickens
Time watch (poem) – Joy Hone
Tick tock (poem) – Jonty Stace
Time (poem) – John Light
Rest is a seven day word – John M Peters
Sentient chowder – Robert Neilson
Cat-atonic states – Joseph Trance

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