Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 16–1992

Cover – wraparound – by Russell Morgan.
Interior illustrations by Russell Morgan, Nik Morton (Letters illo only), Kerry Earl, Dallas Goffin, Roger Morgan, Debs Dumbrell and Bob Crouch.
(A5, stapled, 76pp, £1.75p)

London cries – David Maber
Mage for hire – Syndey J Bounds
Night, the rain and Speranza – Mike O’Driscoll
The paper prison – Marise Morland
Junior engineer – Raymond Humphries
The glowing goblibs – C G Herbertson
The eleven-dimensional cranium of God – Jim Jones
Screener – Duncan Adams
Josie – Emma Kent
Perpetuum mobile waltz – John Peters
KDGE 17447 KS – Gerry Connelly
Moonshine somewhere else (poem) – Debra French
Man-made god – Steven J Blyth
Midnight madness (poem) – Cathy Buburuz
The lover of the Phantom Lady (poem) – Ann Keith

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