Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 7 – 1986

Cover – Nik Morton. This too was an adventure of Colonel Rhodes and his wife in my comic strip series…
Interior illustrations by John Light, Tim Nickels and Nik Morton.
(A5, stapled, 40pp, 50p)

The Internal Cosmetic – Tim Nickels
Far Goes the Storyteller – Sharon M Hall
An Adumra in Silence – Michael Cobley
Peace Conference – John Light
Time on the beach – Arabella Wood
Different – Linda Markley (illo above)
The Mind of D F Lewis – D F Lewis
Universal Mind – Robert Hoult
Torpor, Solitude and Marble (poem) – Ann Keith
Adrift past Saturn (poem) – Larry Blazek
The Day, Singing (poem) – Gary Legg
A mushroom cloud (poem) – Gary Legg
Time; UFO Course (poem) – Jim England
Escape (poem) – John Light
Getting the message (poem) – John Francis Haines
Intergalactic Fool (poem) – Larry Blazek
The mocking moon (poem) – Ann Keith

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