Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 15–1991

First issue to be accompanied by the Auguries Review Magazine: No.1 – 16 pages of reviews; cover by Nik Morton and Gallery illustration by Russell Morgan. I shamefacedly pinched the idea of a separate reviews booklet from Dave W Hughes, editor of WORKS. Typesetting & printing by Chris Reed, BBR (Back Brain Recluse). Label now read on the cover: ‘Science Fiction, Fanasy & Horror Magazine’, which stayed until the end.

Cover – Kerry Earl, illustrating the story by Cleveland W Gibson. The second Green Theme issue.
Interior illustrations by Kerry Earl, Russell Morgan, Dallas Goffin and Mark le Fevre.
(A5, stapled, 76pp, £1.75p)

Aquarius (poem) – Robert Webb
Genetic Logo – Cleveland W Gibson
Red Rain – David Berthelot
Jennifer – Paul Beardsley
The Passing – Andy Smith
The last tree – Steve Grover
Alchemy of twilight – Malcolm E Brown
Gwinny! – Colin P Davies
Richmond Park (poem) – Robert Webb
A clod of Earth, the bark of a tree – Philip J Backers
Last songs – John Cameron Hartley
Dream remembered river (poem) – Wrathall Wildman
The fourteenth experiment – David Murphy

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