Saturday, February 7, 2009

AUGURIES 6 – 1987

Cover – Nik Morton. This caused some strong responses from the feminists of the time. It featured characters from a comic strip I started, Space Fleet, featuring Colonel Rhodes and his wife, Amber.
Interior illustrations by John Light, Michael Cobley and Nik Morton.
(A5, stapled, 40pp, 50p)

We are all Talid – Hilary Robinson (illo above)
The flower in the Sky – John Light
Falling down the Outside, Tearing up the Inside – Michael Cobley
The Globe – Jim England
Alf (poem) – Edmund Harwood
A bittersweet assembly (poem) – Steve Sneyd
Refuse Disposal (poem) – John Francis Haines
We the lightnesses (poem) – Christine Michael
The green-eyed Goddess (poem) – Christine Michael
The value of X (poem) – Steve Sneyd
Martin (poem) – Christine Michael
In Asuka River – Steve Bowkett
Post Cards – Wayne Rile Williams

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